Whats a bear trap in sales and do they work?

You may be wondering, whats a bear trap in sales and what does it have to do with me? As you work through your presentation there will be times where you have to sell against the competition and or wait for your potential client to talk to more salespeople. You have the ability to set the frame from what happened or what to expect.

Your ability to explain the reason why something was done or the view of the future is the bear trap. Your buyer will be skeptical of sales and salespeople. It is your role and responsibility to highlight the way other people sell and the problems they create for themselves. It is also important that you take the time to craft a narrative that is true. You do not want to make anything up in your sales process.

Bear traps in sales can be easy to create 

Most of your competition in sales will solely sell on price or using high pressure. Your ability to remain calm and in a sense make fun of these situations can be used to your advantage. Poking fun at salespeople for their shortcomings, their sales process or their product can be rewarding when done right.

Crafting a bear trap in sales 

As you use your bear traps correctly they will be tough to overcome when deployed. You will need to take the time to practice your craft and also work through the message.  You will start by looking for the reasons why your competition does what they do. You will want to make lists of what your buyer says they dont like. You will also want to take the time to know why you are better than others.

Using bear traps in your sales process

There is a natural timing to using a bear trap in a sales presentation. You dont just throw them out through the door. You will need to build a good amount of rapport with your buyer in order to make this easy. Sure, you can use a bear trap without rapport it just doesnt work as well. Overcoming objections in sales can start with the stories you tell as well as the bear traps you create for your competition.

What is a bear trap in sales videos and training 

Here is the full playlist with all of the videos. You can learn how to create bear traps in sales right here. You can also learn how to overcome bear traps in sales in these videos.