Why you should enter the #closercontest

Why you should enter the #closercontest

Ryan Stewman has an event called The Million Dollar Mastermind. At this event, he brings in well-recognized speakers. You have the opportunity to speak at the event if you take a few actions. The upside for you is huge if you win the contest. You get to speak in front of a crowd, you get to hang out with Ryan and you get bragging rights.

What does it take to enter the #closercontest?

You may have questions as to what it takes to enter the #closercontest. There are not very many steps you need to take. Here is the list of actions for you to enter:

  • Create a video explaining why you want to speak and why you should be there
  • Add a post online and tag 5 people
  • Make a note on social media that you entered the contest

Reasons why the #closercontest help you be a better salesperson 

You don’t have to enter the closer contest but you should. When you speak on a stage it gives you credibility. You also build confidence from the people who interact with you. Speaking on a stage is proof that your content and knowledge is valid. This may be the boost you need to get to the next level. You have to step outside of your comfort zone and be willing to be judged. Most salespeople are scared of looking dumb and being told they are wrong so they don’t consider taking a chance.

Why professional speaking helps your sales career

When you speak on a stage you enter a population of people that isn’t very large. Sure, plenty of people sell face to face. Most people are scared to present one to many. The skills you gain from speaking from a stage cant be duplicated in role-play, paid for or even faked.

How you prepare for the #closercontest

If you are going to prepare to speak at the event there are a few ways you can come up with the content on your own. You can borrow content and give credit to who created it. You can tell stories of your adversity. Overall your goal can be to share hope for those who are struggling or need a “pick me up”.

You can check out Ryans Event here:

Here are a series of videos for you to engage in the #closercontest